Charge your fuel-cell car at home

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Product features

Absolutely simple

Unpacking, installation, and daily use are simple and easy.

100% safe

We get it, you worry about hydrogen at home. Lightroid is safe 24/7, no matter what you do.

Works with any fuel-cell car

Honda? Toyota? Lamborghini? It doesn't matter. Lightroid works with all fuel-cell cars.

You can customize Lightroid

Lightroid is under development, and we need your input! Please share your thougts on pricing, user experience, aesthetics, and anything else!

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David Lee
  • Currently at Johns Hopkins, David started Lightroid with Uk to help other fuel-cell car drivers. Previously, David co-founded Medssenger, a healthcare communications company, and worked in travel search and social education.
Uk Sim
  • Currently an assistant professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Chonnam National University and the director of Nanomaterials for Energy & Environment Laboratory, Uk joined forces with David when he was postdoctoral fellow at Stanford. Uk has PhD, MS, and BS from Seoul National University and worked as a senior researcher at Samsung.